Matt's Goblins

After feeling rather guilty as Ronnie went round looking for mantic armies at clash last year, and figuring a pathfinder should have a whole mantic army, I decided to build a troll force. I figured I could paint it fast. It was going to be based on the options in the 2nd edition Varangur list, with the formation and goblin troll allies. The change of editions, the realisation that lots of trolls, while quick to paint might not be exactly effective and looking more closely at the awesome new goblins coming out, I switched over to goblins. The more I looked at the back catalogue, the more I found older models I loved there too. My old GW goblin army if now being phased out, for this mantic only one, possibly just keeping from in his chariot just because.

Does mean I have 5 more hordes of trolls I might not paint up…


Nice looking bunch. I had decided to use an alternative model for my slasher, but yours looks so good, I’ll have to review that decision. Although mine might not look so good with my paint job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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These look fantastic! Particularly like the skin on that slasher, it’s awesome.

I’ve nearly completed my 2,000 pts Goblin army. I use GW night goblins for infantry, but everything else is Mantic. I’m hoping to do a showcase when its done, but as it’s my first army it probably won’t be that impressive!:

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I have a few units of GW ones, but I prefer the mantic ones and the new plastics look awesome.

I’m going to say, as a guy whose paint skill is at best “not embarrassing”, that all completed armies are pretty impressive in their own right!


These look seriously awesome! Ronnie definitely looks at every single event and I know he’ll be excited to see these.


very nice looking collection of goblin models. look forward to seeing more

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A sexy clean painting you do there, and a nice selection of models! Love it, and please, keep em coming :wink:

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A few more gobbos on mawbeasts.


My current mission is to get and paint at least one of every sculpt mantic have ever made of a goblin.


I’m working through my pile of characters, cav, monsters and war machines, ready for when all the plastics arrive and I make all the hordes… well stare at the plastics hoping they paint themselves anyway. For now, let’s lob stuff!!


They look really good. I hadn’t noticed the crewman with the telescope before. I’d buy him separately for all sorts of siege machines and mincers!

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mincer time!


All three crew are great miniatures for all sorts.

Your mincers look excellent. The multi base really works for them.

Great looking goblins!

Thanks. Bit of a challenge to fit them on, needed to remove a couple of parts, but they still look mincery.

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Half a horde of sharp sticks done and a third horde of trolls.


loving the green trolls, it works well on them. Nice glowy green effect. Sharpsticks looking good too

Awesome green! The rest is lovely too💚