Metro-Detroit meetup Saturday the 30th

Hello, all!

Just in case that anybody here is available (and local).

I have a group of gentlemen meeting tomorrow (October 30th) at Eternal Game in Warren, MI. We have about 5 guys meeting and bringing 1250pt lists.

Let me know if you’re interested in attending. A KoW community is growing here!


Good luck Scott and let us know how it goes!

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Will do, friend!

Hope life’s been treating you well.

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Meet up went very well. We had some familiar faces drive out from Lansing to meet at Eternal Games.

We did 2 matches each, swapping out our lists and opponents. Each game capped at about 1250pts. I ran an undead list and my newly-acquired Northern Alliance (which, I must say, I really enjoyed).

Here the pictures from some of our games. It was a ton of fun! We’ll definitely will be getting together again soon.

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Great stuff! :star_struck: