Mike's Undead Vanguard Warband

So it is finally complete and I made some more pictures :grin:

Close Ups:

List as Follows:

Warriors and Grunts:
2x Skeleton (12pts.)
2x Revenants (20pts.)
1x Skeleton Archer (8 pts.)
1x Vampire Bat Swarm (10 pts.)

1x Vampire Halfling (44 pts.)
1x Necromancer (39 pts.)

2x Wraith (32 pts.)

1x Werewolf (33 pts.)

Makes a total of 198 pts. which leaves 2 pts. for equipment/items and also leaves 6 extra skeleton models for the Necromancer to summon during the game.

Looking forward to having those models on the table together with my Elves next time a friend comes over. :grin:

Any thoughts?


No idea as to the list itself - but the models look great!

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Thanks! Looking forward to the first game with them, but im I don’t even know yet if i’ll play Undead or take the Elves side then :grin: Will give my friend the choice as he s all new to tabletop gaming. :slightly_smiling_face:

Super job Mikes.

It was great to follow your progress on the monthly painting thread.

Hopefully you have another project in the works.

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Thanks @Niall78!! And i do, Stormwind Cavalry for the Elves is next, but i’m having a hard time deciding if i want to paint the old metal or the new plastic models. Currently building both on the table so I can compare directly and then stare long and hard at then trying to decide :grin:

Paint both if you have them.

I love painting metal myself and I love metal miniatures. They just look better to me. I spent a few years painting American War of Independence in 28mm and loved working on full units of metal. It got expensive though even using plastic kits for some units.

Plastics rock as well. Good times to be into fantasy at the moment. Great stuff out there in metal, plastic and resin.

Paint both!

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I’ll post some pictures in the ongoing painting thread once everything is assembled @Niall78 :slightly_smiling_face:

And you’re completely right! Gotta paint both, eventually! :laughing: But after the first unit I got 2 Dragons and a Tree Herder lined up just to get to 2000pts asap and be battle ready, just in case tournaments can start back up safely again in fall.

Then … lots of other units lined up as well. Silverbreeze, Gladestalkers, more Charakters… gonna be busy.

And eventually I’ll flesh out (erh … pun, I guess :laughing:) the Undead as well, at least to 1000 pts. so I can play games with good friends who find tabletop interesting, but aren’t into the hobby … yet. :smirk:

Heck … even my fiancee already said she wants to play at least one game … sometime when she s sufficiently drunk :smile:


Internet fame for you. :wink:


Yay :grinning:

Great warband! lovely paint, and the list is fine as far as I can tell. One trick I enjoy is a wicked dagger on a wraith. Gives you Sneaky - “When attacking the rear arc of a model in Melee, rolls of 7 or 8 are exploding! and therefore score a hit and can be rerolled.”. Now while Wraiths are good at positioning for rear attacks, my favourite bit is models that are knocked down, where all attacks against them count as the rear arc. So Werewolf launches in and downs someone, and Wraith flies in to finish them on the ground with the dagger. Often puts you outside your safety Back from the Grave bubble, so careful where you do it, but very satisfying when you pull it off.

Thanks @salem! Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

And that’s a great idea to use the wicked dagger. Didn’t think about items much yet I have to admit. Mostly tried to cram as many models as I could onto the 200 point limit. :laughing:

I also prefer “boys before toys” as I’ve heard it called. But with 2 points left over, seemed a good fit :slight_smile: