Military Encounter 2019 - Review

Hello. Really don’t know very well where to put this, is about a tournament, so…

Last Saturday we ran in Argentina, for the third time, the Kings of War: Military Encounter tournament.

This tournament born with the idea to make a very appealing event by comparison to other local tournaments (from various games), to attract people to KoW. And it worked, every edition results on new people contacting us to get information about the game, players from other games and people who never played a wargame.

The Military Encounter is not the most competitive of tournaments, not because of the players, who play at their best, but because it’s designed as a mix between a tournament and a campaign, with a background story and lots of special rules. Maybe one of its more attractive features is that each table represents a different location in Mantica (next time, Pannithor).

I think this year edition was special. We put almost a year and more than 1000 hours of work in the tables (and more between marketing, special rules design, etc.). I designed the tables to be original and visually impressive, then playable.

The rules for this year involved a Monster of Mantica, an independent monster who moved from one table side to the other, through the central line, attacking anything who cross its path. Also, each army added a special Hunter hero (building rules similar to the Commanders from the International Campaign Day), with special rules to help hunting the Monsters. In each table a different scenario was played, according to its additional special rules and scenery distribution, and the player who killed the monster added additional tournament points.

The tables represented:

  1. Lands of Korgaan

  2. The Bitter Lands

  3. Ardovikian Plains

  4. The Forest of Galahir

  5. Defensive Bulwark (Brotherhood fortress near the Abbys)

  6. The Abbys

  7. The Great Wall

  8. Valéntica

  9. Moving Marshes (ok, this one didn’t appear in Mantica’s lore)

  10. Elohi Monastery

  11. Askosaur Jungles

  12. The Drowned Republic

  13. Caeryn Golloch

  14. Dwarven Mountains

  15. Crystal Caverns (again, own invention)

  16. Alandar Mountains

  17. Elvenholme

  18. Twilight Glades

  19. Southern Deserts

  20. Cracked Lands

You can have a better wiev of the tables in these videos:

Or view all the photos on:

It was our last second edition tournament, but if you are interested, you can find the lists, etc. here (excelent web. by the way):


This is just absolutely amazing.

Wow, I did not know KoW is played in South America too! Nice tables and a good number of players, really impressive! It is also interesting to see what armies are popular in your region. Many thanks for sharing! :clap::+1:

i love the themed tables. especially that they aren’t cookie cutter copies of each other, yet still look pretty balanced relative to each other.

Beautiful tables! I love themed tables and yours are wonderful.

The tables are just stunning! BTW, are you and your clubmates interested in joining the International Campaign Day ?

Of course. Last year we did the Iron man challenge (a friend and myself played the 12 games) and organized the event on our time block. I guess we had between 10 and 14 players during the day (after 16 hours playing I don’t remember well how many came).

This time I expect more participation, but didn’t talk about someone doing the challenge… yet.