Missing profiles in Ice and Iron supplement

I have bought the digital version of the Ice and Iron Supplement. The new campaign and fluff are nice but I am disappointed quite a bit with the profiles section. I have anticipated some changes to the profiles published in the original rulebook for balance purposes and additions of new profiles either because some warbands were already expanded and other may be in need to get more options. So far I have checked only the Forces of Nature and Trident Realms parts which interest me most, so my comments are on those. Apparently, some already existing profiles that were not in the original rules are missing. Just for example, where is the Centaur Bray Hunter, where is the Naiad Initiate? On the other hand, why are there exactly the same profiles of e.g. Salamander Unblooded or Forest Shambler in both books. Thus, we get some profiles twice in both books and some other (already existing) profiles are missing. Would it not be better to have only updated plus all new profiles in Ice and Iron.

I also thought some factions would be boosted by addition of new profiles. Maybe there are some as I am not familiar with many other factions so well. Though, I had a look at the Herd as I have this army in KoW too. I hoped the FoN centaurs could be played as part of the Herd warband, but they remain available only for FoN in Vanguard. :frowning:

This infuriated me, too. I rant about it here.

Short version: Mantic decided to reprint only those profiles that are part of the “basic” profile list, or were changed. All others you still need the cards, or access through Easy Army. A big waste of $25 and a squandered opportunity, in my opinion.


Thanks for the reply. I am glad not to be the only one who feels the profiles part of the Ice and Iron is missing on the point of providing a proper update. When I was buying it I though all new profiles would be there to give us a reference without a need to go to the on-line army/warband builder. I agree with everything you wrote in your “rant” and really appreciate you put the summary table there that shows how many profiles each faction has and where to find them. That’s a good piece of work! I really wish one could do with just the rulebook and supplement to check what each faction has got. :pleading_face:

Ciaran (who is on the Vanguard design team) put that chart together, I think he’s turning it into a faction overview tool. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Agree with your blog post there @generalsloth.
Thank god for EasyArmy then! Really like KoW and Vanguard, but lately Mantic has really failed their support. The new page is really backwards as well, can’t even download rosters or FAQ… :exploding_head:
We play 15mm so I don’t need the models, but Id like to play and pay for the rules.