Model Makeover #1 - Vampire on "Pegasus"

Sometimes you find an old model lying around in the bottom of your box of shame, badly painted, partially painted, or in serious need of repair. It is quite interesting to repair and repaint it and see the transformation.

Here is a model I originally painted more than 20 years ago. It was at one point dropped, thus illustrating why you should always pin everything (especially on metal minis):

Pinning in progress:

Model re-assembled:

I was quite pleased with the paint job at the time, but not anymore. Time to re-paint!

I didn’t take photos during the painting steps, so you’ll have to use your imagination for that, but here is the result:

A definite improvement, I would say.

Before-and-after picture:


I always liked that model your refresh on it is great it’s nice to see old miniatures being press ganged back into service


That’s impressive! Nice job

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