Model Makeover #3 - Chaos Warriors

Sometimes you find an old model lying around in the bottom of your box of shame, badly painted, partially painted, or in serious need of repair. It is quite interesting to repair and repaint it and see the transformation.

I have “inherited” some models from my brother, who played some a long time ago and then gradually stopped, leaving behind some boxes of stuff.
Here are 4 slightly converted, partially painted, non-assembled old chaos warriors:


I decided to try to paint them very close to their existing color scheme, to see if I could make a better version of it.

I’m quite pleased with the results. :slight_smile:
Since I only have 4 of these guys, and they don’t share a color scheme with anything else I have, I guess I may use them in Vanguard or as bad guys in RPGs.


They live again! Great work!

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