Model Makeover #5 - Liche King

Sometimes you find an old model lying around in the bottom of your box of “great plans that are on hold”, badly painted, partially painted, or in serious need of repair. It is quite interesting to repair and repaint it and see the transformation.

With the recent change to the Liche King (no longer flying), I needed a non-flying liche.
In my storage, I had an old wraith with that old-school-cool, but with a not-quite-good paintjob:

Vigorous brushing with a toothbrush and nail polish remover, following by some scraping to get paint out of the narrow bits, gets this almost-fresh look:

NB: Nail polish remover can be used on metal models. Not so sure it’s a good idea for plastics.

Undercoating in black, then white from above, provides some basic shading:

Further shading of the cloak (most of the model) is provided by contrast paint, then dry-brushing, then a purple wash, then dry-brushing. Finally, just add the details (the rest of the model…), and:

Not a golden deamon winner, but I think it’s nicer now. :slight_smile:

Before & After:


Nice transformation! Looks sharp