Model Makeover #6 - Wood elf archers (old-school)

Sometimes you find an old model lying around in the bottom of your box of “great plans that are on hold”, badly painted, partially painted, or in serious need of repair. It is quite interesting to repair and repaint it and see the transformation.

I’ve “inherited” (he didn’t want them any more) some old models from my brother. Among them were a group of old wood elf archers.
They are from the not-so-dynamic mono-pose era.

And are in varying degrees of being painted. Obviously been used to test out different color schemes.

I decided to try to paint them similar to the box art, but with a minimum of effort.
Most of the surface is painted using only contrast paints, speedpaints and washes.
The only detail work is on the eyes and gems, and I did not spend a lot of time on those either.

For the most authentic old-school look, they also get goblin green edges and the old green flock (also from the old piles) for basing.

The result! A full regiment of archers, led by the heroic archer #21 and archer #22! :smiley:


These are lovely!
Ancient models require some love! And that’s a great set of regiments (if you multibase them right) you have there!