Model Putty

Hello fellow KoW’ers.
Just wondering what putty others use to fill gaps or sculpt specific extras for their models. Being a convert from the other ‘evil’ miniatures company I have always used their green stuff. Now I am digging into my Northern Alliance army for KoW and would like to add some fur coats etc and my putty is quite old.

Love to hear what you use and any tips on the particular products use.


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I’ve been using Apoxie Sculpt for the last year and prefer it over Green Stuff for sculpting. For small gap filling I use UV resin or for big gaps I use white Milliput feathered out with mineral spirits.

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I prefer Greens Stuff, for both filling and sculpting.

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Heyho, to be honest I use everything I find, including Green Stuff, Liquid GS, Miliput Yellow/White, cheap air-hardening compound, Fimo, and so on. The bigger and “messier” the sculpting will be, I use the cheap and rough stuff for a base mass, and when it’s dry, I do the fine work with GS or Miliput white. Miliput is much softer than GS, and more easy to form, but tends to be too soft for tiny details and sticking to the modelling tools, even with water on the tools. I’d recommend to get a small amount of the mentioned puttys in the answes, and sculpt the same thing with every single one, like a tentacle, or a flame or something. That way you can see what fits you the most.

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There’s also the old super glue and baking soda trick. That works well and fast for big gaps. Then you can file it smooth.


I never heard of that :thinking: But that sounds interesting for the times when one misses to restock the supplies :smiley:

The scale model guys have been doing it for a long time but I just learned about it a couple years ago.