Modern spell selection for KoM and Rhordia pegamages

So, KoM and Rhordia’s pegasus wizards.

Since CoK, they’ve been in the astounding place where with only 65 points you’ll get a flying sp10 us1 model on a square base. If that isn’t good value, I don’t even know what KoW is anymore.

Previously, depending on how you think about it, you had to pay a “tax” of 20 or so points for lightning bolts. Now you get to choose.

What are you taking for them these days, if not Lightning Bolt? We know some electricity can be beneficial but there are other options as well. I’m looking at 2 pegamages with Hex and Trickster’s wand for double Hex (since you can’t pick a Library spell twice). Alchemist"s curse is never bad and Wither and Perish certainly exists. It’s just rough rolling only 2 dice for the cooler spells.


Honestly, I’d be tempted to run them without spells. 65 points for a great chaff piece is a fantastic buy. At least one with trickster’s wand/hex is useful to shut down opposing casters, but I don’t know that lightning bolt or other spells are necessarily worth the points for something that is speed 10 flying nimble scoring chaff.