Mongolian Kingdom of Men project

Currently working on the above, trying to get a sizable force up and running for 3rd edition.

So far I have painted:
4 Regiments of Mounted Sargents,
6 Troops of Mounted Scouts,
1 Regiment of Shield Wall,
1 Regiment of Heavy Pike.

Still to paint are the following:
1 Regiment of Mounted Sargents,
1 Horde of Archers,
1 Horde of Spear,
2 Mounted Wizards,
2 Mounted Standard Bearers,
1 Mounted General.

The full force comes to 2,500pts under the current rules.

I have a few plans to add some more ‘fantasy’ elements to the force, got a wonderful model to use as a Mongolian Death Worm (Colossal Giant), and eyeing up some Easterling Kataphracts as Knights. I imagine that this force will continue to grow in size over the years.


Looking great! You need to get some movement trays though. :joy:

Aye, I have a game on Saturday as well. I doubt an order would reach me in time, so having to make do with make shift cardboard movement trays for the time being.

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Looking good - Fireforge stuff?

Aye, they do make some lovely plastic kits.