Monster March - Painting Topic

I bet nothing got done in that meeting, everyone was too busy watching those spiders checking to make sure they were’t moving “please don’t be real, please don’t be real”.


Its a Teams meeting (so nothing would get done anyway) but i did move them a couple of times!


Brilliant i love it.

While working on my “monster march project”, I finished up a pair of ships for armada.

Here’s the Gur:

And next the Bomb Brig:


Next random bits box find will end up as a count-as mammoth


I’ve not posted for ages, but as it’s Monster March…
My wife saw one of these on the KOW Facebook site and said I need one of those, so she bought 3 of these things from Mierce and painted them up.
Now I just need to figure out what they are in KOW. All suggestions welcome!


Those look cool and got enough wood to count as Tree Herders I’d say! :thinking:


How did you do the ferns and other big leaf foliage?!

Wow! @HouseElf those are seriously good. i can’t remember the quote i’m thinking of, but: “I want them to have my babies!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys. Good idea on the tree herders, even if they do look quite evil !
Not sure what babies they’d produce though . Haha
@DreadNort they’re ‘laser plants’ from gamers grass, although I got them from Dark Sphere as they have a physical shop and I like to support FLGS. Dark Sphere - Gamers Grass


how did you find them, I was looking at them but the edges are my main concern once punched out.

Those look great!
What base size are they on and which armies do you have to fit them into.

Greater Earth Elementals if on a 75mm or tree herders if on a 50mm.
Otherwise the giant equivalent of what you’re playing (i’m guessing they’re on 75mm).

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@DarkBlack They’re on 75mm bases because they’re pretty bulky.
Currently, I’ve got goblins and kingdoms of men / Rhordia. I’m also in the process of putting together a rift forged orc army, and sorting out who has survived lead rot (don’t get me started) among my elves and dwarves to see if armies can be created out of them

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@Gerrcinn Apparently they were very easy to get out of the sheets with no breakages. Some required a bit of force, but didn’t effect the end result. My wife was very surprised at the level of detail in them, as you can see from the photos.
The bracken and monstera both had very fine stems, so she needed to drill holes in the MDF bases, insert them and PVA glue them in. Banana leaves were just leaves, so you can get good contact with the glue so no need to drill holes.
Once the glue had set we’ve been twisting and shaping them with no issues at all. ( Although they’re only a week old!)


yeah I saw those images and they look good but I was more concerned with a lot of white edges showing, pretty much every photo I’ve seen have them curled away from the camera and I’m just wondering if they stand out much.

Ah sorry. No any white on the edges isn’t noticeable to me at all.
I was initially worried about them because you don’t paint them yourself, but certainly mixed in with other grass etc, I think they look good

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WiP next weird thing for Monster March!


You could alway touch up any more obvious bits with ink etc

good to know, thanks

Most of those armies get giants or greater earth elementals!

My condolences on having to deal with lead rot.

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