Moonfang Weapon Suggestions

I’m going to use Killyox (an old Confrontation miniature) as a Moonfang in the Herd list.

However, I’m not keen on the double punch-blade weapon. I’m thinking that a large axe would probably look good but am having trouble finding anything suitable.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’m already using Varghar (another Rackham miniature) as a Lycan Alpha.

(not my miniature!)

and 12 of these as Lycans:


You can swap the weapons which is handy but some need reposing as they can look a bit daft.

Maybe an axe from one of those Reaver chaps?

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ever heard of Snaga from the David Gemmell books, a butterfly bladed axe? You could make one using the punch dagger as the blades you’ll just need a haft and some scratch building to connect the blighters

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I think even these might be a little too small, plus I’d want to take off the Khorne symbols. I think they’d work if I wanted two hand weapons.

Hadn’t thought of that! I think that could look good if the wider ends of the blades near the handle flipped to being at the top of the axe. Stuff like this is always really fiddly though.

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Spotted this guy, who’s basically a better version of Killyox but don’t think it’s significant enough to warrant the expense.


He has a cool axe and a punch blade. Not so keen on his standard/totem though.