More Vanguard Queries

Hi, More Vanguard queries I’m afraid.

SWARM. If multiple models with the Swarm special rule are engaged with an enemy do their bonus dice stack or is the bonus capped at 2 dice regardless of the number of models involved?

Orc GREEN TIDE Ability. Why does this ability include the wording “Group Charge Action”? Do all Orcs gain or increase Crushing strength or only those that charge?


SWARM: Only two dice. Outnumbering is just a binary state - either the target is outnumbered, or not. It doesn’t matter by how much. (pg 29)

GREEN TIDE: Green Tide is a Group Charge Action following all the normal rules for Group Assault. Only the ORC models participating in the group action gain the bonus. (pg 113)

Thanks for that.

I now get the rules for Green Tide. Thanks.

Still not clear about Swarm. The special rule (p. 39) says that Swarm grants 2 bonus dice when contributing to outnumbering. So if 2 or more models with the Swarm rule are involved, do they each grant 2 dice or is the bonus capped at 2?

The bonus provided by Swarm is capped at 2. It is the same as outnumbering - you do not get extra die for each engaged model, just 1 die regardles how many supporters are engaged.

Thanks. Vey clear.