Movent order sequence

I have a question regarding this rule:
During the Movement Phase of your Turn, pick each of your units, one at a time, and give them one of the following Movement orders. Complete each order and any movement with a unit before proceeding with the next one.

I can read it in 2 ways, which one is correct?

  • give each unit a movement order and then execute each order
  • give a unit a movement order, execute it, go to the next unit, give a movement order, execute it,…

The difference? Imagine 2 troops, one after the ohter. The first one sees in front of him a unit and also another unit which it can charge because it can also fly. The second one doesn’t have LOS since it is behind the first one. If the first unit movement order is executed first, then the second can receive his order en charge the unit in front of him since it has now LOS.

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this is the correct way to play the game. It’s a perfectly viable tactic to move a unit out of the way to create a charge lane for the 2nd.

The only exception to this rule is a combination charge of multiple units against the same target. The rules state explicitly that these charges need to be handled simultaniously, so all units need to be viable to charge before anything is moved.



Thank you very much Vince!