Moving (but not ending) within an inch

I saw a Facebook post answer that seemed to imply a unit can not move within an inch of an enemy unit even if they don’t end within an inch (barring the usual exceptions regarding charging, after combat moves, and starting within an inch).

So my question is this:
Can a unit move within an inch of an enemy unit that it started its turn more than an inch away from? Examples would be a unit running through a narrow gap in the enemy lines or a flyer soaring over an enemy unit to leave behind their lines, etc


You must stay out of 1" unless charging, disengaging or during a pivot.

Flyers are of course the exception. But generally speaking, no.

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overruns from a combat are also allowed you can get within touching of an enemy unit then

Ignore me, I just re-read your question and noticed you had this exception in there. So yes as above. It also impacts withdrawals I believe

Yeah, unless charging or flying you (normally) can’t move between gaps if you’d get within an inch

Withdraw and Disengaging have different effects on the 1" restrictions.