MSU Elf Army for third edition

Hello. My new army is going to run three regiments of sea guard two regiments of palace guard and one regiment of tall spears. With two bolt shooters a fully loaded elf king and two troops of silver breeze and four troops of storm wind

Figure sitting way back and going for objectives at the end with speed. Dragons I think are done this edition. Where it’s at is giving up units as little as possible to buy time and using speed to get local superiority in different parts of the board. May not win every game but will sure be next to impossible to table in six or seven turns. Troops hitting flanks hit like regiments. The enemy will have to keep a solid front or he will be screwed.

Started painting up the sea guard. Hopefully be ready by the time the whole covid thing is gone.


Welcome. :slight_smile:
Sea Guard are undeniably a cool concept, I have a weak spot for them myself. :slight_smile:
Did you notice they got a cost reduction in the Halpis Rift supplement (should be updated on easy army)?
I also view them as good objective holders, I only find them a little weak on the damage output so it’s usually fingers crossed that they survive. :grin:

That’s quite the army! Really appreciate the volume of bodies it puts on the field.

Nice idea for the army.

Just be wary with looking to pinch objectives late on with the cav - with just US one each you might have issues if the enemy has half decent infantry (even just regiments) holding them

Looks good. I would consider to find place for a Lord on Drakon, as flyers are still a good threat/board control. He might even take the focus away from your SW Cav, increasing the chanses of getting that flank charge with them.

All great ideas. I may play it out with blocks a couple of times just to tweak and see what’s comfortable. The tall spears are mainly objective holders. Kind of philosophy is to just tie up and threaten as much as possible. I may actually drop the storm wind troops since they have such low nerve and the silver breeze since they are not very deadly and go with dragon regiments. I was excited until I started to think about what I would do in different situations and frankly you can get 11 to 13 units in a non msu list. I have played a lot of elf msu and friendlies it does well in tournaments it really struggles against good players. The low nerve of your fast troops means they can be taken out pretty easy and it’s usually a given that’s what happens. So I dunno I’m back to the drawing board. Msu is super fun but it’s not really competitive at least it wasn’t. But that’s why I will break out the blocks and mess around and see.

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Interesting topic! And for some strange reason, looks familiar too! :wink: