MSU Elves - 1850 vs Free Dwarfs - 2020/11/29

Wow great game by Jeff. Its a tough matchup for you with all the stealth and shooting. I find the drakon lords a tad underwhelming and the mounted king could do the same work but with better maneuverability. Not a big fan of allies but it’s part of the game I guess. Did Jeff end up winning the tournament?


Hi @5plustohit!

Yes, Jeff is a really great player and I like playing against him as I believe I learn a lot!

I think I should still have good chance against such army but I need a more solid plan and when playing against Jeff I simply cannot make mistakes :slight_smile:

Yes, Jeff indeed went for 4 straight victories and one the event!


Here is the link to the second game of Kings of War during Return of the King tournament. This time I played against Julian and his beautiful Night Stalkers army.

Game 121 - Night Stalkers - 2019/09/22

Many thanks to Jules for a great game! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the report, vs one of my favorite KOW armies no less!

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Thanks @Boss_Salvage! I am glad you liked it and sorry for the late reply!


Here is the link to the 3rd game of Return of the King tournament. Battle of Kings of War where Elves fought vs Goblins commanded by Matthew in Control Scenario.

Game 122 - Goblins - 2019/10/10

Many thanks to Matthew for the game!


Pawel, how are you going to adjust your Elf army for 3rd.

Any specific changes that seem to hit you the hardest?

Hi Mike,

I really don’t know yet. Based on the information released so far I think I would need to drop army standard (too few unlocks due to Drakons regiments being irregular) but could upgrade Silver Breeze to regiment (army at 2000 points).

I am concerned about Drakons losing nimble. I use regiments so unlike hordes, they cannot afford frontal charges on their own. I always relied on manoeuvrability and without nimble it will be more difficult to get them into a good position. It will also be harder to feint the direction of the attack and then move them to a different spot.

However, I still don’t know anything about other units in the army. Chariots, Chariot nobles, Shamblers, Wardens, Storm Wind cavalry. I do not expect any changes to Storm Wind but the exact points for units will matter of course.

Based on the previews about other armies I assume the enemies will be faster now and harder to outmanoeuvre.

In addition, I have not seen anything yet, perhaps apart from the regiment of Silver Breeze, that I would want to include in my army list and that I have not used before.

In short, I expect that the enemies got better and in order to prevail I will need to adapt my tactics rather than include anything new.

That’s my first impressions, let’s see what else is going to be there for Elves.

I’m glad our sentiments match. You know I’ve been playing Elves based on the variety of your matches and proving a finesse devoted army can be fruitful. Keep going! Makes for very interesting games, however there are clearly matchups we dont want to have. :smirk:

Knowing Drakkons lost Nimble is significant to the counter striking threats even when using the Troop formation. Not being able to dynamically posture even with smaller units may put me going back to a few Drakkon Heroes. I’m hoping for a nimble item which will allow me to use the Drakkons the same way. They turn into a Standard cav unit that can jump over our units, which is a bit boring to me. Still useful, but a lot less interesting. “wait and pounce”.

Seems like chariots were - “Side-graded” not better not worse. Different. Some it will be detrimental and others will see a new way to play them.

Im gathering Shamblers and Stormwind will be the same. I’m wondering if Shamblers will get strider but it doesnt really matter.

I feel all the armes got alittle faster so contact will be made sooner. Elites armies will be playing with more chaff. Chaff/trash armies are more effective with longer threat ranges and some point changes.

Some armies look straight up better with no “side changes” Trident and nightstalkers come to mind.

Trident is really floating to the top. And they are fun to play, great looking, and have been getting great sportsmanship votes.
Looking at the new units and adding in how they are already, goodness I’m in awe. The Ensares have no natural predators and Trident have some really top characters. Im expecting Eckter to drop to Def5. He is so good and we have been seeing other units like the Soulreaver Cav get a drop to 5Def. I’m dying to come up with something for my Trident army. There are so many toys now.

Nightstalkers completely lost shambling. With all the Windblast and enthral, these guys are going to be a challenge on the table for the objective games. I saw a list the other day that had 2 Void lurkers and 2 Shadow hulks with 15 drops and I barely squeeked out a win. With the buffs and the Butchers getting better, I think they are straight up better. That new Banshee with built in Zypher and horror are crazy! The Nightmares are still super dirty and play a lot like the Drakkon rider unit with a windblast spell. Im really wanting to see how they play in V3.

A few pictures of my last Elves V2 game


Hi @MikeGrant!

Thanks! I greatly appreciate your support and I do hope I will be able to adapt to 3rd edition changes and come up with some interesting ideas.

I don’t mind that other armies seem to get better, this was expected.

The way the game is going to evolve cannot be yet fully predicted. Even those who tested new rules had only finite numbers of games to run. I wonder, however, if increasing the charge distance with Wold Charge and emphasis on infantry hordes, while at the same time significantly reducing manoeuvrability of some units, is not going to result in shifting the game towards grind matches.

I do like the abilities such as Windblast to put the opponents in less favourable positions. We will have to see, however, what is the availability of such for Elven armies.

Thanks for the photos, the armies and table look great! :slight_smile:

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Here is the link to my most recent battle report. Last game of Return of the King tournament. Elves vs Dwarfs commanded by Peter.

Game 123 - Dwarfs - 2019/10/26

Many thanks to Peter for a great game and sincere apologies that it took so long to publish the battle report from our game.


That was a bit of a shame to lose the Storm Wind cavalry so cheaply. I’d have expected your Alchemist’s Curse to do more work for you that game, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent in the Def 6 enemy units.

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Hi @Edzig!

Yes, I was quite embarrassed with this mistake :frowning:

I should have added some comments in the story about Alchemist’s Curse as I did attempt to do some damage on Golloch’s Fury. I was not able to rout it, however, and in the last turn I chose to move to claim an objective.

With the full benefit of hindsight, I should have ignored the objective and try to do more damage in the last round anyway. I was losing on scenario so I really needed more kills for attrition. And that would have helped in 7th turn (even if that did not happen, one should be ready).



Although many of you are interested in 3rd Edition games only, I still have a few battle reports to finish from 2nd edition games.

Here is the link to the game I played against Jeffrey who this time commanded Forces of Nature.

The game was a preparation for the very first Australian Universal Battle 2 tournament.

Game 124 - Forces of Nature - 2019/11/09

Many thanks to Jeff for a great game!


Here is the link to my most recent battle report. The first game of the very first Australian Universal Battle Tournament organised by Michael!

In the first game I played against Yan who commanded Forces of Nature. Scenario: Invade.

Game 125 - Forces of Nature - 2019/11/18

Many thanks to Yan for a great game!



Here is the link to the second game of Kings of War as a part of the 1st Australian Universal Battle tournament. Elves vs Goblins commanded by Tony in Push scenario.

Game 126 - Goblins - 2019/11/24

Many thanks to Tony for a great game!


Glad to see another report from you, was this 2nd or 3rd edition?

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Great report and well played. I did not much fancy your chances after reading the lists.

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Hi @LunaGuardian,

It is still 2nd edition. I have 2 more games to write about and I decided to finish the ones from this tournament.

I am still trying to decide how to built 3rd edition army that would support the MSU style. Seems like simple conversion from 2rd edition version is not the way to go.


Hi @Edzig,

Thank you! As you have probably noticed, I was quite unsure about my chances either. But it was good to see that I had tools for the job !

Now, how to create a list for 3rd edition that would be able to do the same!