Multibase option - Northern Alliance

Need a little help/opinion on multibases for NA army.

Below is my first attempt at creating a multibase of any kind.

This is made using just cork board some resin and snow from woodland scenics

This is the look I’m trying to achieve across the army, below is the image I used for reference.

What are yours guys thoughts on this type of base, I know it may stick out like a sore thumb on any table that does not have a snow/ice theme.
Would I be best of sticking to the mantic style bases of patchy snow on gravel?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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No issue at all going full snow & ice - just bear in mind that thin snow will get trampled or become more brown slush, thick snow means the models need to be sunken a bit.


My own Northern Alliance bases are a mix of snow, tundra and rock, with occassional rough scrubland. I chose this to break up the colours and textures a bit, as the Snow Trolls, Ice Elementals, wolves and foxes would disappear into the base otherwise, camoflaging a bit too much, i thought .
I like the concept of North Pole Ice you have gone for, and you’ve done a great job, but i would consider drybrushing some more texture/current onto the water, and even in the picture you show, the water is starting to freeze over, leaving a small crack in the centre, where the floating icebergs are cracking the fresh ice capping the water.

On a practicle tip, i’d spray paint your cork blue, then build up texture with some spray of lighter blue/white at different angles followed by a bit of dry brushing of white to catch the texture, and then use the actual snow sparingly to dust over it. I also use baking powder and have done for years. it’s a lot cheaper and does the same job. Some claim it yellows with age, but mine hasnt.
If you look carefully at the Pole photo, the ice has blue, even purplish tones. it isn’t all white

Thanks for the tip Nav,
With the resin pour im thinking of adding a little more ink to darken the colour and cover with cling flim to get the iced over effect

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i use clear bostik for water/ice as you can shape waves and currents in it easily, (Have a look at the Orc bridge and river base in this month’s painting post to see how it turns out.
The cling film might work well for a frosting of ice over the flow. Best of luck with it. I once did a waterfall with clingfilm and it looked great.

you might want to consider a small very basic 'bridge ’ or other means to get across the flow from one iceberg to the other (sled maybe?) . it’d break up the white and add more character to the base, while making it more realistic too

For small water features, 2 part epoxy works - and would echo the comments about adding blue/purple shades, esp on fractured/deep ice.

Really want you want is the base to add a nice contrast to the unit (so as Nav said, white wolves or trolls on a white base can get some working), while not detracting from it.

Little bits of spot colour (blood, troll poo [who can remember Willow with Val Kilmer!], etc) just to break things up can really wirk