Multiple charges against an individual

Is it possible to execute a simultaneous charge against an individuals same facing?

My wondering is that even in a simultaneous charge, you have to move one unit first. As a result the individual would align to the charging units leader-point, thereby causing the second charge to fail?


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"If more than one Enemy unit is charging the Individual, declare all Charges as normal and move the first charging unit into contact. The Individual then aligns to that unit and the charging unit moves to its final position. The remaining charging units then make contact with the facing they would have charged when they declared the Charge and align to the Individual – assuming there is still room to fit. "


Btw you are mixing Align and Shuffle to Center. in this situation the units are coming from a straight angle so the individual would not do any aligning. Then it is your units who shuffle to their final positions as usual.


Good pick up! And helpful correction. Cheers!


You mean like this?

Not sure what specifically you are responding to, but yes that would work as long as the two units in the Hero’s front went in first, sharing the frontage equally (looks like two identical width units) and then the unit coming into the flank gets the chance to try to complete its charge after that. :slight_smile:

Just showing an extreme example of three Regiments multicharging my individual that came up at the TNT GT in 2019. Thought it was a pretty funny picture, in all honesty.

Yeah it was quite funny, really ganging up on that Hero. :smiley:
Are they ganging up on one of @KingBilliamXXXVII 's Heroes by the way?

Absolutely not! That’s my very own Sandy Ravage!

I’m confused, is that an actual mini thats available? I knew I had seen Billy’s one but obviously his is not the only one. :grin:

It’s a Rumbleslam mini.

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