Multiple surges?

Hi all, I’m wondering if it’s possible to surge a unit more than once?

I can’t see anything preventing multiple casts on a single unit, nor anything specific regarding surge. I’m wondering if I’ve overlooked a rule somewhere because it seems incredibly powerful to be able to surge two or three times on the same unit.


Nothing stopping it, just got to be careful to plan them appropriately so you don’t Surge your unit out of range/line of sight of your second/third caster!


Perfectly legal. Each caster will need to be in range and have line of sight at the time they cast (obviously individuals can pivot before doing so).

Firing a zombie legion across the board or first turn surge charging with FoN forest shamblers is definitely viable.

Its also that fact that you have to move tge distance you roll, so can easily get a unit too far leaving the oppo with flank/rear etc

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Kings of War should have an Achivement. “Surge a unit 24” or more during one turn". :wink:

I vividly remember your undead armies shooting across the board for a turn 1 charge. Woosh.