Multiple use of a single spell

Hi there, new to kow, played a couple of games and enjoyed both even though I lost. :pensive: My opponent is also a newbie and neither of us could find an answer, or specifically a thing that says no to this… Can a unit have the surge spell cast on it multiple times, effectively slingshot ting across the board ( spell range notwithstanding)?

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Yeap it can, although it must be in range for each separate casting. If a spell or ability or Aura can nt be used multiple times / overlap then it will note it

Each unit can only make one shooting attack (including spells) per turn, unless otherwise stated.


The limit is on how many times a unit can cast, there isn’t a limit on how many times a unit can be a target.
Just like you can fireball of lightning an enemy unit several times.

You can technically bane chant a unit multiple times, but would be wasting the spell after the first hit.

A unit can be targeted by the same spell from different casters multiple times in the same round.
Some spells are capped in stacking effects (by muliple casts). This is mentionend in the spell’s descibtion in the rule book (surge is not capped).

Unless you want both Crushing Strength AND Piercing? Or am I misremembering my bane chants…

Bane Chant no longer provides Piercing in the 3ed.

EDIT: as @AlQuds mentioned, it’s 18", not 17". Changed it.

Yes, especially Empire of Dust can do this really well with their high surge values and cascets! With good placements, a first turn charge is a possibilty!

For instance, a bone giant can move 7; so you need a surge of 18" to cross the table first turn. It’s hard (especially with the 12 range of Surge, but with the right army composition it’s possible). 3 high priests + a pharaoh should be able to do it.

Just to make sure that someone does not get an incorrect idea: The units are separated by more than 24" before the first turn, so one would need to surge at least 18" to ping the giant across the table. It would be a pretty bad strategy to do so but you have a point that EoD army has tools to make multiple surges for moving units over long distances. Though, it works best to surge the unit along the front of your battle line (with the priests behind it) to get the surged unit into a flank of the enemy unit.

Or you do Nature - go fully on tree things with scout and surge plus a couple of mobile druids etc and have fun :wink: