Mummy Issues

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What is the correct way to use mummies? In the battle reports i’ve been watching i’ve seen them used 2 ways.

1: A regiment as a tanking unit hitting head on letting damage dealing units hit the enemy flanks.

2: A troop as the damage dealer hitting the flanks while other units tank.

Both ways worked good from what i saw but which way is more effective? What are the mummies proper role? Or is there another way to use them? Or does it matter?


both are fine high defense, life leech and regen will keep them around as anvils for far longer than your opponent would like.

Crush 2 and a higher than average 10 attacks on a surge-able troop means you can punch through most units eventually.

The downside to using them as hammers effectively is the Melee 4+ you can get very swingy results and probably won’t be investing in expensive artefacts to bring them back up like some other hammers. But they’re fairly cost effective and with all of their defensive stats and high nerve you can guarantee they’ll stay on the field until you need them.

So really you can use them for both and depending on the type of list you want to run both can be very effective.

Some things will do it better but you’ll pay for it, like soul reaver infantry, so it’s whether you want to run them really.


Yeah it’s the 4+ melee that makes me worry about attacking and the nerve of /18 makes me worry about defending it doesn’t feel high enough but i’m hoping regenerate along with lifeleach will balance that out.

Mummy regiments are incredibly resilient, that -/18 keeps them around and also they regen and also they lifeleech! Sure they can also punch back but the real danger is getting stuck on them too long and then flanked by a surging square base. Whenever I face EOD there are always two regiments, tho a clubmate of mine runs three and is considering even more, since they just work so much better than the rest of his infantry.

Conversely, I’ve never seen a Mummy troop used. While I guess they preserve their attaks, the drop in Nv makes it less likely to be able to regen and lifeleach and last forever.


don’t worry about the -/18

For that footprint the nerve is excellent a lot of large infantry hordes are around 15/17 even tanky monsters like mammoth and treeherder are -/18 so removing a regiment isn’t an easy task


I’d imagine mummies would be more dangerous with EoD, with them i could use the elite aura from the pharoah as well as putting artifacts on the units.

I’m sure they were troops, or they could’ve been regiments with low a model count.


True, i’ve been judging their nerve by comparing them to the skeleten and zombie horde sizes which is a mistake.

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I was gonna say, if we’re talking about Undead Mummies, I’ve hardly seen them at all. Honestly I think Wights pushed them out, less for the role and more for the points slot.

Honestly I don’t think Mummies should be in Undead, it’d make for stronger faction identity if they were EOD only. It feels like they continue to be included in Undead just for legacy reasons.


I don’t know how to feel about wights they’re another unit i’m not sure about.

The EoD comes off as more like a spinoff or a theme list to me it doesn’t feel like it’s own army.

Yep, pretty much.

In an undead list, Zombie Trolls can do a holding job, with more attacks and synergy from the necromancer aura, or you spend extra and get the way more dangerous wights.

As EoD tend to be more of a grind list, mummies with the elite aura backed up by all the healing & DL makes them worth it.

As mummies are included in the undead army set, they’ve stayed in the list - although both they and the pharaoh don’t really fit theme-wise


Most tournament lists are designed to break Def 5 17 nerve units in one hit with their hammers (morax orcs with skullpole are a big thing in my area for one) so be wary of what you are up against.

I’ve seen high ranking tournament lists take 3 regiments with an eternal guard pharaoh with veil of shadows. About half the time these lists will have spear/warrior regiments chaff for them with an occasional rev cav troop thrown in.

Hitting on 4’s with only 12 swings isn’t that great, I’ve tried it many times so the elite pharaoh is just what is needed.

Chant of Hate, Mace of crushing and even Brew of Sharpness are upgrades I’ve seen on this setup.

Also, Soul Snare is your friend, as is Shobik although he isn’t mandatory. Sebekh-Rei is very solid.

I will always run 2 guardian hordes in my infantry lists, Sharpness, Caterpillar, Strider are my preferred upgrades for them.


Got thread, I haven’t build my mummies yet. So probably I’m going to build two troops which I can combine as a regiment after reading this. My main opponent plays quite shooty dwarfs. A very resilient and sticky regiment at height 2 is appealing to me.
I think they fit into Undead quite good. There weren’t only egyptian mummies and they don’t even look like one. They look more northern-dark-age-hill-grave, which is a totally short and on point description😆


Yeah, trying to switch from EoD to vamps requires far more models than most realize. Why take mummies when you can take Def 5 revenant hordes? Why take skeletons when you can take zombies? Rev cav are still decent but there’s also Werewolves and Soul reaver cav competing for that spot.

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yeah I’m with you 100% I love the idea that mummies can turn up in other armies without going full EOD


Because I don’t want to paint another skeleton or zombie if possible😂


Yeah the pharaoh in the undead doesn’t make sense, if it was changed to a mummy king with a non egyptian theme maybe, like @KptKeno pointed out not just egyptians have mummies.


Yeah soul snare looks mandatory, there seems no reason not to take it.

Which guardians are better, the melee or the bowmen?

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I agree about the mummies they don’t really look egyptian, the full plate armour and the weapons like broadswords and axes are more european.

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True, Pharao is a weird name in an otherwise medieval-fantasy themed Undead army. Even more so since a simple renamimg as you @coOk_pAss_BaBtridge suggest would do.


Yeah just a mummified king or mummified lord or something, still the same stats as the pharaoh, just a different name.

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