My 10mm travel set for KoW

Years ago I made a little travel KoW set based on Copplestone’s 10mm figures, specifically his dwarves and orcs. One day I’ll kidnap him and force him to make more 10mm scupts as the condition for his release. Here is a pic from the demo game I recently ran at my FLGS:

I went with a pretty strict translation from normal KoW with inches turned to centimeters so the orcs are on bigger bases. One thing I did is force more orcs onto a base to give more of that LotR feel of the forces of good being outnumbered.

If people want better pics I could probably track some down.


This is so cool, there is a part of me that wants to do KOW in 10mm, not that there are more and more minis available in that scale.
Inches were converted to cm, what base sizes did you use for heavy inf and regular inf?

Looks like I went with 40x32mm and 50x40mm for regiments. One thing I did change was that heroes are on bigger bases so they get a retinue.


Id like to see what you did with the character bases. Ive been doing 15mm with just bases (no money to invest in minis right now). Everything is just halved. Anyway, infantry hero bases are kinda small as a result

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Here is a pic

I decided that kings/generals should be on larger bases just to make them easier to pick out since things are kinda small and hard to see.

It looks like I used 15 and 20mm bases to do these.