My Deadzone Kitbashes

Heya folks,

I’m a long time Mantic customer, but a newcomer here. I’ve got a number of Deadzone kit bashes that I am very slowly getting around to painting, and thought I’d share them here as I get to them.

The first one is this fellow, a Mantic Orx Marauder. The original model, cast in PVC, was holding wielding two kukri knives. I replaced his original head with one from a helmeted Greenmoon Smackers player and replaced one of the knife hands with the polystyrene mechanical claw from Mantic’s original, Renedra-cast Orx.

Long story short, this guy was kitbashed together from 100% Mantic parts.

Comments and criticism are very welcome.


great work there, works very well for Deadzone to distinguish him from the standard especially when you have a limited number of minis to choose from.

Welcome to the forum as well. Hopefully we’ll see more of your work here soon :slight_smile:

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Hi Gerrcinn,

Thanks! You’re quite right that one of the things that got me kitbashing was the desire for more varied-looking Deadzone forces. I have many more Deadzone kitbashes ready to paint, and intend to post more here as I get to them. Hopefully I’ll get better at photography, too.

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