My first skeleton spearman

Criticism very much appreciated!


Hi mate,

Good to see you’re enjoying the hobby and also well done on a first skellie! It’s a lot better than my first miniatures!

Since you asked for criticism: I think you can gain something by thinning down your paints more and work from the darker colours upwards. Since a thinned down paint doesn’t obscure details so much, you can use a few more layers of paint to create that shadow-depth that many miniature painters use.

Here’s a youtube vid of a guy (speed-)painting skeletons to a very decent standard.


Additionally I would not undercoat skeletons with black if that was the case. Either white or one of the available skeleton sprays.

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Looks great! It’s hard to tell, but have you done a wash on it? Both the GW shades (Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil are my go-tos) and Army Painter Quickshades (Strong Tone and Flesh Wash all the way!) are great, they really help me cover up all the little mistakes I make while painting and instantly give detailing, they’re practically liquid talent in a bottle.


Fully agree! I use Valejo paints mostly and their game colour range features several inks which are essentially the same thing.

One slight word of warning: black ink does almost never a model justice. I’d rather use blue, green, brown, okre or purple than black. Depending on undercoat, some colour almost turn black. for instance, a purple ink on brownish and green turns out much darker than you’d expect.