My ratkin warband

Hi everyone,
I recently started playing Vanguard and had my first real game a few weeks ago. I choose to build myself a Ratkin army. Here’s my list :
Brute Enforcer
Birthing Daughter
Twitch Keenear
Night Terror
Ratkin Warrior x3
vermintide x3
total : 199/200
Overall I loved playing them, it was a powerful warband with these two larges and it produced a nice amount of power. here’s some pictures of my models and a few words about how they played.
Brute Enforcer

This one was a beast, he does a lot of damage and is very hard to take down.

Birthing Daughter

Her blight grenade are nasty, and here power dice is a nice bonus.

Twitch Keenear

I stupidly replaced zap with the faction specific spell lair, i then had no short spells, which would have been useful haha

Night Terror

An other large, it’s speed was a nice advantage for some surprise charges.

(As a new user i’m limited to 5 images :confused:, you can find the other pictures here : )


This support unit has very inspiring and gives a malus to enemy armor. didn’t really need him, but I guess he will be useful eventually.

Ratkin Warrior

reasonable fighters, I like them.


Their swarm keyword make them quite useful, and their two wounds make them a bit tanky. Also they are grunts so they can come back on the battlefield when eliminated by the ratkin special rules.

Here are the other units I painted but didn’t use :
Shock trooper
you can find the pictures in the imgur link I posted above.

That’s it, I’m looking forward for my next game :smiley:


They look great! They really feel like a cohesive warband.