My Salamander fleet

Started some Salamander ships today together with my brother. The test ship ended up like this. :slight_smile:


Nice color scheme! The Salamander masts are unlike all of the other fleets so far, were they easier or more difficult to attach?


Thanks! The masts were easy to attach I think.


Easier to attach masts? Salamanders might be where I need to go next, then.

Very nice and warm colors, which are quite fitting for the Salamanders.

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I find that all masts benefit from getting the nub/connector pin trimmed a tiny bit before gluing it on, because it can become a little too long for the hole when clipping it off the sprue. I prefer it to be slightly smaller instead, so it connects on all sides of the hole. if it sticks up too much it only gets a connection in the bottom but not on the sides. if that makes sense.

doing that, when I use loctite to attach them they usually stick in only a few seconds. the times I did not trim the nubs shorter the mast could sometimes tip and fall over while trying to glue.


Good job man. GLHF with the salamanders. Please share your experience once you have few games in with this fleet.