My solution to "the basing problem"

Hey everyone,

I have been mulling over the difficulties involved with basing for different games, different editions of different games, and even things like wanting to use minis as both single miniatures on square bases, on round bases, and as troop/regiment/horde/legion multibases for KoW, possibly with different variations of FMC, PMC etc. depending on how well the minis fit on the bases. Personally, I want to use Mantic minis for basically every game out there!

So, I set about sculpting a 3d-printable basing solution to solve the problem once and for all, all of my minis will be based on these things in future, and I’m making a kickstarter to share the creation with the world.

Kings of War is a primary focus for this, every possible required multibase size will be covered, with variants for FMC and PMC in ordered ranks, hordes or variants with room for scenic elements (and possibly some really nice sculpted diorama-style multibases if funding goes really well)

Here’s a little promo video which shows how the minis snap-fit into the bases: Modubases - Universal Basing System Kickstarter - YouTube

For example, if you have a wonderful mantic goblin (they are awesome, why wouldn’t you want to use them in all the games? :p) , and need it to be on 20mm square, 25mm square, 25mm round and potentially 30mm square for all the various editions of WHFB, AoS and TOW, you can easily do that simply by hot-swapping the base between games using a snap-fit system to change the base size and shape to anything you want it to be, thousands of STL files are provided to cover as many base sizes and shapes as possible.

I have extensively test-printed it and will be using it for all of my own miniatures in future, the bases all print great on any printer, FDM or resin since the files are provided in 5 different tolerances to work with fdm and resin printers.

Project launches June 6th on Kickstarter, if you like the sound of it you can follow the link here and sign up to be notified on launch:

Credit: Goblin miniature is from Mantic Games and used for demonstration purposes only.


Just a quick update, the kickstarter is now live and about to fund in it’s first hour:

Based on community feedback from KoW facebook groups, I have added two new extra stretch goals, to create printable movement tray adaptors for people’s existing mini collection based on 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 50x25mm bases, so that you can have a 100% Mantic army and use it to play The Old World really easily.

I’m a bit of a hobby butterfly and have good memories of classic WHFB so will give it a go, there is no way I’m paying £43 for a single FW resin character mini (or whatever mad pricing model they go with to nostalgia-gouge guys in their forties with too much disposable income!) when Mantic exists with affordable high-quality minis and has gone all-in on the 3D printing scene.

They also work well for changing the base sizes on Mantic minis, like these Tribesmen getting their upgrade to Hearthguard with the simple addition of a 20mm to 25mm adapter tray!

Kickstarter ends in 2 days if anyone is interested, lots of stretch goals unlocked including:

  • Multibases for KoW.
  • Adapter trays to use your Mantic minis in other games.
  • DIY kit so you can make your own custom multibases using the ModuBases system.

Here’s a link to the project if you’d like to support it!

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Has anyone tried these? I normally put my human sized minis on 1" washers but they don’t fit very nicely on KoW unit bases.