My Twilight Kin


Great army. What figures are you using? I see some old GW, but many I don’t recognize.


Spearmen are GW elves with heads swapped for skulls.
Dragon is Reaper.
Chariots are 4Ground with GW crew.
Spiders/Fiends are Halloween toys.
Gargoyles are Mantic.
Abyssal Riders are GW.


The army looks very nice, but I have to admit, I am not super familiar with the Twilight Kin. Why do the spearmen have skulls for heads? Clever use of Manflayers as chariot crews!

It is a generic construct for many of my evil armies. It allows me to use the same models in multiple armies, regardless of where the model originated.

Looks good.

I’d like to create my own chariots.
Where did the wheels come from?

The chariots are from 4Ground.