My warbands: Ogres

Hi all!
I thought it would be cool to present my warbands, and I thought starting with the list I’m using in our ongoing campaign seems to make sense!

I had started the campaign with some NA, but since I played quite a few games with them beforehand, and in general have played a bunch of vanguard compares to the other participants, I decides to go for Ogres, both because I like the models (and had a kow ogre army on my wishlist for a while), and because I was looking for 1/ a challenge 2/ a list that plays differently to NA and FotAbyss, my two other main bands.

Ogres it is, then! I dislike grunts as backbone of my list, unless they have a precise role or clear advantage. Not usually a fan of magics… so the warlock and brave build was out quite early on.
The boomer seems pretty cool, I played him in a couple games. A tad expensive for its damage output, but an interesting model to try out.
The sarge is nice, but I use power extensively… and decided to upgrade to the captain, much more of a monster command. I suppose a dual sarge build is possible, but havent tried it yet.

Most of my games with ogres recently I play a sort of elite list, with just 8 models, but with still some gobbos:

  • captain, with heavy weapon
  • ogre warrior, heavy weapon x2
  • ogre warrior
  • hunter
  • biggit on a mount and heavy weapon
  • gobbo with spears x2

Their big weakness is amount of powerdice, and low number/glass cannon. Their progression in the campaign helped me compensate for these, and they are now a scary bunch! Note that there is no shooting in this list, which could end up being a problem… so I use the biggit and/or hunter to go get shooters!

The biggit has been quite effective at being a distraction/going for a remote target. The bunch of warriors with their high CS have been pretty effective for me…

Now, I have written a very simple fluff for them in the campaign: basically the company leader is tired of being a mercenary, so he went looking for gold, to raise his own army! And in the meantime, I assemble and paint that army, hopefully to be ready for when 3rd es KoW drops! I’ll open another thread for these elsewhere on this forum.
So, once the vanguard campaign ends, my members will become heros in my army… with some already built background from half a dozen vanguard games!


Good work, love the idea of “organic” fluff for the army’s characters, that kind of stuff forms a strong connection to the models and the army for you and your opponents, in my experience anyways :

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Very nice! I especially like the grey skin colour. It sets them apart from the usual ‘mantic-red’.

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Digging the yellow!

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Thanks all!
So, now that Ogres cant take heavy weapons anymore, I need to change my list! What do you guys play with? Boomer, or warlock?

Stirring up an old thread. To answer the last question:

I’ve gone with Warlock!

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