Nameless dead?

So its been a long time, and things have happened (I got more space marines, Sisters of Battle, Necrons, and I actually got some actual Mantic minis with the Deadzone Enforcer Insurgence Protocal set that I’m building). Now with Deadzone 3e I’ve been wondering after looking at the webstore… Are the Nameless a dead faction?

I mean their main kit is gone with the reinforcement kit and a few individual models being all that’s left. And I don’t remember the Nameless being mentioned at all in the news. So what’s going on?


Long story short, they’ve not yet been reconfigured for the new edition of Deadzone (and aren’t the only faction like that) and aren’t big enough to be used for Firefight - yet. They still have rules and most of the range is still available. Just one thing at a time! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Dave Similarly will Rebs get a Firefight list/rule set in due course (as numbers wise they might not fit at present)?

I think that both the Nameless and Mazon Labs are in the same place at the moment. Meant to be supported, some time in the future.

Yeah I know with Mazon Labs the majority of the roster you have to get from Star Saga, so maybe Mantic pulled the main starter set box off the store to give us an updated box later?

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Nameless don’t have a plastic infantry set yet, and for a prober 3rd Edi and FF release they need some

Mazon Labs have the basic units from GCPS and Plague sets, they just need the HQ models in resin

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I believe when FF does well we will see plastic Nameless sprue realeased.

I’m still kicking myself for not getting the corporate booster and the nameless expansions when they were still available. I like those little lab tech guys.

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There’s just something appealing about mad scientists. Hopefully all the factions will get unit expansions later on when deadzone and firefight get expansions (who knows, that might lead to an all goblin army for both games).

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A the moment I think that’s something we’d like to do, but not a certainty. Like the other factions, they need some HIPS core troops at minimum.


we really need an “Uncharted Stars” Supplement with Armies that don’t have model support yet

PS: this was one thing I really miss from 2nd Edition Warpath, the vast amount of different army lists that were around from the community (and most of them lost when Warseer blew up)


I’d love to see this. Get some wild and strange aliens in there.

There were fan made army lists?

During previous editions of Warpath (prior 2017/18), a lot of people had fun with the rules
It was never catching the common 40k player for reasons but those who got into the game used it to the maximum