Need another opinion on Aralez Models I want to use

For my Rhordia Army I am going to use my old Warhammer Imperium models as base

yet for Aralez I first thought about using horses from the Chaos Knights (removed chaos symbols) and heads from the Chaos Hounds

now I found some old 3rd party Thunderwolves I once bought for 40k wich won’t be used anytime soon

now the Wolves would fit better for Dogs than horses but as the Wolves have bionic parts I am not sure if they will fit the fantasy theme I am aiming for or look “classic” enough for a light Steampunk theme

the advantage for the horses would be that those are made for R&F while the Wolves are made to be used on individual bases for a skirmish games and would fit better next to each other in units


well the League do have things like the halfling version of the behemoth (or they will again next year) so mechanical contrivances could be a thing. If you do go that route I would suggest making the bionic parts look bronze rather than steel for a steampunk feel that would be more in keeping.

No issue with those.

I did these for direfangs back in the day for my Varangur with the gw versions - I hacked out the mechanical bits for wounds - but would work well keeping them in with your theme.