Need help stopping Orcs

Very long-time tabletop gamer and my friends and I are really enjoying our first few games of KoW 3E. We have played just a few games with Basilean vs Orcs - and it seems the to-wound bonuses of the Orcs are totally unstoppable once their heavy troop regiments get to you.
We’ve tried bow units protected by Spear troops but that wasn’t enough - so what are the best tactics or unit blends to blunt those Orcs?
Thanks in advance.

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Orcs do hit like a truck and like an actual truck avoiding the hit is preferable to trying to withstand it. It’s not about stopping them, it’s about letting them hit where it doesn’t win the game while you win the game elsewhere.

The last thing you want is to set up across from the orc’s strong units and charge in toe to toe. That’s fighting on their terms and as you’ve seen, they’re good at it.
You need to be cunning and sneaky.

The two best things you have going for you are denied “flank” tactics and their low nerve:

Their hordes of infantry backed up by wardrums do not have low nerve, this part of the army will destroy what’s in path, it’s up to you to make what is in it’s path time consuming and not really worthwhile. Feed them chaff (no matter how cheap it is, any unit still takes at least one turn to destroy it), make their charges hindered and make them move twice if you can.
A denied flank means having just enough not to ignore where their main thrust is (might be the center) while your main attack hits somewhere else.

The rest of the army, like gore riders, do not have great nerve. Shoot them and/or hit them first. Concentrate your attacking power on one flank, overwhelm it and then turn on the flank of the main horde and/or go off to score objectives.


@DarkBlack This is really helpful! @Mandog65 I’m also in the same boat!

I’ve managed one win against orcs with Abyssal Dwarfs but I think I just got lucky. Shooting units definitely helped get as many wounds on units before melee.

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