Need some help to transfer Warmachine Mercenaries to KoW

I have a painted Dwarf themed old WM Army
(old means that there are less big Mechs than would be sufficient in an up to date army)

and a half painted Human themed one

this means not enough big models for an Earth Elemental themed Free Dwarf Army, not enough units for a Kingdom of Man Army and lots of Heroes

units (painted or ready to paint)
6 Hammer Dwarfs
6 Gun Dwarfs
3 Dwarf heavy armoured Alchemist
10 Pirates with Pistols
10 Undead (Risen) + Necromancer
10 human Assassins/Gangers/Bandits
10 Shooting/Melee (half) Elves
3 Ogre Bodyguard
1 Ogre Gunner + Hero
5 human light Cavalry with Pistols + Hero

2 big Dwarf Warjacks
4 small Dwarf Warjacks
1 Bear with Hero
3 big human Warjacks
1 medium human Warjack
lots of Heroes (human, dwarf, elves) and 2 model Hero units

to be build:
6-12 Gun Dwarfs
10 Human with Helbards/Melee Weapons
6 Humans with random Anti-Warjack Weapons
Dwarf Mortar
2 medium human Warjacks
1 big human Warjack
1 Snake with Hero
1 Crocodile with Hero

As there is no true Mercenary Army and there are Dwarfs, Elves and Humans Northern Alliance seems to be the first choice
Yet I am not sure if I get a sufficient list with what I have.
While the Steampunk theme of Warmachine would fit Rhordia better.
Also a “Forces of Technology” as Forces of Nature list.

other options:
using the big models as unit fillers or proxy infantry with them (including a hero model)
put all 2 model units together for an elite regiment

any hints, suggestions, or comments for units and army lists (I already have a Dwarf Army, a WIP Elven Army, old Warhammer Empire and Chaos Warrior Armies that need to be rebuild for KoW and Stormcast that I might field as Forces of Nature)

PS: for those unfamiliar with the models, some of mine from above:


Do you want to keep them on the lipped warmahorde bases and attach them to a multi base or are you planning on rebasing them?

for now I plan to keep them on the bases as removing them won’t be easy and damage the models

I think it is going to be tough because warmahordes is a skirmish sized game and kow a rank and file. I’ve been using mine for vanguard but the bases are a problem. But you could probably use them to supplement your existing armies I think.

I see you have a nomad and a driller, what are your other heavies? (btw love your paint job)
Are those thugs you mentioned Croe’s Cutthroats or pressgangers or…?

That being said, here are some ideas I can think of:

  • The Gunners work well as artillery (cannons). I actually gave my gunners a switch out volley gun myself to use them as blasters in wmh.

  • You could als use Herne and Jorne as an artillery piece, otherwise an orge boomer sergeant. Your bokurs could go this way as well, maybe making a nice ally force for an army (orges are neutral so fits anywhere) of a warrior horde + boomer serg @290 points.

  • Hammer and gun dwarves are easy as well to translate directly in shieldbreakers and ironwatch/sharpshooters

  • Mortars are mortars so easy as well.

  • Steelheads fit any human army with polearms, I intend to use mine for Rhodia vanguard.

  • If you have heavies with a guns you could consider using it as a steel juggernaut [dwarves] (or your vanguard light jack would also fit well here). If all else fails, just find a titan base in your list that has skills that fit (giants in a KoM, obsidian golems/earth elementals as you suggested etc).

  • Wrongeye and snapjaw would be awesome for a nature themed army indeed, but you could probably do something fun with him in an abyssal dwarf army as well as an enslaved monster idea.

  • Maybe look into abyssal dwarves in general, they give me a metal feeling at least.

  • Nyss Hunters aesthetic is a bit hard for me to place myself, so no ideas sorry.

  • Idem for Machorne and the Devil Dogs.

If I think of something else I’ll post it later.

Sea Dogs and Kayazy Assassins + Eleminators

Nomad, Rocinante, Rover/Mule/Nomad (magnets), Driller, Basher and an old Khador Jack meant for conversion.

dwarf themed with humans/elves as slave units and Warjacks for the larger stuff
or going with the Ratkin Slave List as those might fit Humans better than Orcs

Local buddy @Mandollies rebased a lot of jacks into hordes of Ogre Siege breakers. :slight_smile: Fit the bill pretty nicely.

Jacks generally transfer well as a horde of large / monsterous infantry, or as monsters. With 6 large and 3 medium jacks, you can at minimum get 2, and maybe 3x LI hordes (especially if keeping them on their bases), maybe splitting the human and dwarf kind as different kinds of LI. You can use hero models as filler, or get another cheap jack (resale prices of WMH are bottom barrel) to fill up a unit.

You also have a ton of stuff that can be warmachines, so a LI + warmachine army looks like a fairly easy build. Leaning towards abyssal dwarfs, something like:
3x obsidian golem hordes (all jacks + filler)
3x kat. rocket launcher / dragon fire teams (light jacks)
1x heavy mortar (herne & jorne)
Decimator horde (all gun dwarfs + filler solos)
That is about 1275pts, and then you have unlocks for:
4x hero (you have a ton of options to choose from, big-sword guy can be halfbreed champ)
4x monsters (croc, snake, bear, jack)
And you have enough various minis to bring in some troop / regiment size units of various kinds.
I guess you could also group the warbeasts as a horde of grotesques.

Some of the units probably fit better in you other armies, such as the elves in elf army, humans with the empire army etc.

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