New Army Silvan Kin Colour Scheme


To keep growing my forest armies I’m starting a sylvan kin army. The first decision is to choose in which seasson they will battle so I did some painting tests:

Probably I will go ahead with the winter choice so I did some extra tests:

Any thoughs / advice regarding the painting schemes?? (particularly for winter elves)


The winter theme is what stood out to me as well. A refreshing take instead of the classic green. :slight_smile:

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hehe, right !! I was either winter and autum but I already have an autum theme herd army.

the problem is there are few pictues of winter elves to inspire me so Im doing a lot of test colours to see what fits and what doesn’t.

The winter scheme does look great, but I’ll add my personal bias to the conversation: Sylvan Kin should have greenish skin!

that’s an interesting point, maybe I give it a try. Though green with winter camouflage maybe doesn’t fit well (I don’t want they look clowns) . I will post a picture in any case so you can see the result.

Winter camouflage sounds great to me! It’s always nice to see more unique takes on the traditional Sylvan Kin schemes.

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Winter camo looks good - plus gives you option of going spin off NA :wink:

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hahaha lets start this one first :sweat_smile:

Regarding basing them I want to keep some coherence with my forces of nature so I think I will stick with forest base with some snow, but I struggle to find what decorating stuff using. I dont like grown trees because it looks weird during the game, as if the elves carry their trees with them.

A couple of pics about my current basing (I still feel they are too empty so wondering what else add to them but this time in autum color scheme):

Not the best ones (I’ll add more in the weekend).

Also as the base colour of the bases will be green, I’m wondering if I should add some extra green to the elves clothes; or maybe the skin as @MistakeNot suggested. Any thoughs about it?

If you have some experience with winter color scheme, any advice would be welcome, it’s pretty new to me and hard to see how it fits.


After nearly 2 months later I finished my first unit of snowy sylvan kin army. An horde of frozen archers:

Now, after my sylvan kin riders :slight_smile: lets hope have them finished this year


Really nice colors :sunglasses:

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I was struggling to give them some “colour” while keeping the camo style. For the gladestalkers I’m still thinking if only a mix of white camo cloaks and blue ones:

or just using a mix for all of them

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