New Dwarf Book Is Out!

I just thought I’d drop the link here for those of you interested in the latest Winged Hussar novel. This one focuses on dwarfs and has a lot of world building in it.

It just released this past week in ebook version and physical copies are shipping soon!


Curses, gonna be a month or two before I can get my hands on a physical copy in my country.

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That’s the advantage of ebooks, but I get the desire to have a physical copy.

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Oh yeah it is just purely personal preference, I wasn’t going to bad mouth e-books in any way.
I had to wait longer for every book, I’m just a bit more impatient with this one since it is about my favorite race, will flesh them out more and deal with the uneasy relationship between Free and Imperial Dwarves.
Also I did like how you handled factions in Drowned Secrets, showing the ‘good’ or ‘neutral’ ones being willing to do some terrible things for their believes or goals but at the same time still showing that there are still actually decent people there.


My mate will be very pleased to get a KoW book about Dwarfs!
I’ll get it too since ‘Drowned Secrets’ was a very good read!


Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!


Very excited about this book :slight_smile:


If you want to give the book a shot, Mantic is offering a free sample of the novel online right now!

Check it out:


As always, please leave a review on Amazon if you enjoyed the book, it helps get more eyes on the novels and pushes the algorithm for Amazon to promote the book more…


I enjoyed the book. First one i have bought and tried.
Good twists.
Personally wondered how the Free dwarves were doing freeing Halpi. Not too well it seems.

I did wonder early reading it if imperials should have fire elementals rather than earth due to being more likely to follow Fulgria.

Think there is a second book, it would be good see to where it ends.
Feels like the most important dwarf going forward is the one that spoke last.


I am currently writing the sequel, and you make some excellent points!

Glad you enjoyed the novel!


Great stuff, look forward to it. My first ever digital book.

Out of interest does the story planned need running by king Ronnie and lord Gilbert etc? Or do they give you completely free run?


Everything that goes into the novels has to be cleared with Mantic before it goes to print.

Everything that is in the novels is meant to be taken as Canon for the lore.


Thanks for the response, i wondered how it would work.

I would recommend it to anyone reading this who hasnt made up their mind.
Meanwhile im going to start some of the other books while waiting for the second book.