New FAQ v1.1

I rehosted it because otherwise you have to go through the Mantic webstore and buy it for $0 >>

Errata Changes:

  • Avatar of the Green Lady does indeed have Pathfinder
  • Placoderm troops down to Nv 10/12
  • Taskmaster on Chariot has Rallying not Rally
  • Mhorgoth down to Sp 7 and Drain Life (7)

FAQs are clarifications of a few things, including one on charging that is apparently setting FB on fire. A clarification to the clarification is expected soon :expressionless:


Cheers! I don’t do FB, so what is happening?

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I haven’t looked into it either, but this is the only charging FAQ:

Q: When moving multiple chargers, what is meant by units “shuffle to their final position”?
A: When moving multiple chargers against the same target facing, the first unit will shuffle to a final position in base contact with the target, which will then allow room for subsequent charging units to fit against the target unit, assuming that all charging units can legally move and make contact with the target unit.

The chatter is that this contradicts the book or a previous clarification or ???

Its simply too hard to write without images or someone showing you. So it’s bound to be a lot of misunderstanding about it.

Thank you, Boss!! Cheers!

The Mhorogth changes have gone through with only limited comment. He’s still good but not amazing and so we might see other choices taken now.

people are freaking out, it’s what Facepage is for after all :smiley:

Its simply that sharing space gets affected by terrain and such. So if some parts of the enemy frontage gets blocked, you are allowed to place units so they all fit. But that does not mean that they will be able to move into contact, that still depends on the angle of your unit and whether or not it has nimble.

Still find it odd that the FAQ hasn’t addressed the Indirect special rule. Seems odd that it no longer ignores the -1 for cover, but yet still has the restriction on range.

Ignore cover is now a separate special rule, so that either rule can be used without the other.
Units tend to have both though.

Ah, I must have missed that… easily done now. I think that there are too many special rules and caveats within said special rules.