New Hard Plastic Teaser

So the latest Christmas blog post has some renders of a new hard plastic set.

Does anyone have any insight? Looks like a pickaxe and therefore Dwarven (perhaps). Original post is here

I think it is the Herd.

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I agree. The runes in the first teaser pic look like the ones from this herd guy from the League of Infamy Kickstarter:

But what about the 2nd? Dwarf or Halfling maybe?


2nd could be halfling, someone mentioned dwarf and they got a reply back that dwarves have beards.

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as far as the pick goes, I think it’s a war hammer. If you look at the shadow in the render the top is irregular so I have a feeling that it is modelled on this image


Would agree with the top picture likely being herd related.

With the second, yes it looks like a “proper” warhammer :wink:

Do think that the models will probably follow ranges that will/are being released for LoI or as vanguard sets.

Halflings have been rumoured since 3rd ed UE got released, and elite cook/hunters and an iron beast are in the LoI KS.

That said, dwarfs really could do with a reboot of the plastic ranges

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