New Herd army... just waiting for 3 models from Etsy to fill in the blanks!


Nice! I was wondering whether some of the privateer press models would work well.

Lovely colorful scheme with lots of hard hitters!

Are there any models you would especially recommend for Lycans?

thanks for the kind words! The army is me using up bits and pieces I already had to be honest! For my lycans I am using some Skrone heavy war beasts and some Oroboros warewolves. I wasn’t sure it was going to quite work, but I think it looks cool!

I picked up a load of Privateer Press models on ebay, I guess warmahordes aren’t doing so well going by how much the models are going for second hand vs. retail price. But they make some nice minis.

I raided some old minis board games for some warewolves, but asside from the Oroboros ones (really nice, but very monopose) Reaper makes some nice, reasonably priced ones. I often find Reaper minis look mediocre but seem to paint up nicer than I expect!