New KoW player painting first mantic models

Hello all,

As a general lurker I break my habit by posting. I’m what the KoW community seems to call a GW refugee.

And happy to be because I found out about Mantic and KoW.

I’ve started my hobby journey by painting my first ever Mantic models. Empire of dust ones.

What a joy! Such rich sculpts simply lovely.

The painting scheme is inspired by real world mummy’s one might find in an Egyptian museum.

Happy hobbing,


great to see your first posted minis, I love the weathering on the metallics


Welcome @Nero and thanks for posting your minis. I am somewhat forced to wear both hats (GW AoS, the new Old World and Mantic KoW ) and even a bit of Historic too, in order to get games in and have a bit of craic, but if push came to shove, KoW would be my choice. The system is more balanced, and there are some fabulous models (especially the newer range) at reasonable prices.

Understandable we’re all dependent on what games out local community plays regularly. I’ll probably still play AoS on the side.

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They look appropriatly ancient. Really cool! I want to see the whole unit soon, bet they’ll look even better.

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