New Lake Swatt Fantasy Squad episodes

Episode 46 of Lake Swatt Fantasy Squad is a rundown of Basicilan lore with Kings of War novel Steps to Deliverance author Mark Barber

Other recent episodes include a UB rundown, a recap of Samari Showdown, and tatics episodes with Second US Master Jeff Schiltgen and US Midwest Masters Team Member Kyle Pietsch.


Just getting back into these but they’re making it hard to stay caught up.

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Accidentally posted this in the wrong category and oddly on my phone browser it won’t let me edit it over to the podcast section so sorry about that. I will try to move it tonight on my laptop .

Also yeah Mark we had planned for them to get more spread out but we got backed up a bit in editing so they are now coming out fast.

Likely slow down a tad here but got one edited ready to go and most of a new recording done still coming out in the very near future.

Thanks for listening.