New product on Mantic store

Colour Forge Gauntlet Gold Spray

There is a whole new line of products, 6 different colors in total, but I like the Gauntlet Gold one best. I just wonder if the famous Moonraker @KoshtraBelorn has suggested Mantic to come out with the line or it was someone else. I appreciate a good humor and the new sprays from Mantic made my day. :joy: :heart_eyes:

EDIT: I thought the product was a joke when I saw the price in EUR (or USD) but apparently the high price tag for anyone out of UK is there just to prevent orders from countries where the spray cans cannot be delivered to.

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Jeez . . . is it really $99.99 in the US?

It is also 99.99 EUR, so it is a bargain for the American customers and be assured that it is 500ml rattle can, so you get 25% more than other brands on the market!

It’s showing as Β£10 for me.

Ah, really? I took it as a good joke considering the product description (e.g. spraying from 12") and the price tag that I see in EUR. Now I am not sure …

€99.99 a can, absolute bargain!

Mantic does not deliver spray cans outside the UK. Has to do with customs and safety, hence the high pricetag to prevent customers from ordering. I emailed them some months ago.


Ah, as KptKeno says. I should have realised, you can’t send pressurised cans internationally by Royal Mail.

OK, that explains it, thanks for letting us know. I feel a bit silly now but at least I hope I helped to advertise the new products and the UK customers will definitely grab it for so cheap now when they see what is the asking price for the rest of us. :upside_down_face:


and another proof that we need a Mantic Store on the continent


Tell me! I kickstarted League of Infamy. I hope it will arrive next week!

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