New/Returning Player advice

Hi All,

I started to get into KoW just as 3rd edition launched and then due to Covid meaning I couldn’t attend my local club my interest dropped off. I gave a lot of my stuff away including rules books etc, (stupid i know). What I was wondering was if the starter set Shadows in the North a good buy to get me and my 13yr son back into the game so to speak.

Any advice help would be greatly appreciated


yes the starter set is great, it contains the gamer edition of the book, so all the rules but you miss out on the background.

It is worth pointing out that there are two starter sets now, they both have the same rules but Shadows of the North has Northern Alliance and Nightstalkers, or you can get War in the Holds with the new Ratkin against Goblins.

The War in the Holds is replacing the Shadows set so if those factions are what you’re after once the stocks are done it will be gone

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Thanks, I went for war of the holds as I’m most likely going to play one of this armies so this way i can get a feel for each of them before buying more units