New Rules needs a new style of tournament!

Given how KoW is stepping up a gear in rules, models and options, I felt it was time for a new style of event - one that is epic in proportions. Would like to know how folk feel about really large games for tournaments - I’m thinking 3K points. Would be nice to hear views. Thanks!


It would be a blast to play at this level but I think it would just be too time consuming. BUT at a local level, 5 games over the space of a month for a prize would be awesome. As a pathfinder, I’d love to see this and be available to recruit during other players games.


Hi fella, I run a 1 day event 4 games at 2.5K but was thinking of 3K , 5 games over 2 days. Funnily enough the games often go faster because there is so much carnage! :grin: Definitely love playing bigger games so you can get all those big monsters and lots of hordes! Gonna test it next year to see what happens!

We just had a 2.5k tourney here. 3 in one day was rough. I can’t imagine surviving 4 even bigger games! I’d be a zombie at best!

I’m moving towards more 1k games, possible with multiple lists so all the toys get played.

Love a bit of KoW speed dating…

I’ve just played a 2600pt tournament on 6x4 tables and TBH I thought it was too cramped. Movement was compromised, something I’ve never noticed at 2 to 2.2k. Really surprised by the difference 400pts makes.

That said, 3k on an 8x4 would be really fun,

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Having played in the same 2600pt tournament I liked 2600pts but I think it is the limit for a tournament game(assuming 6x4 tables). I would think 3k would be betters as a ‘fun’ game rather than for a tournament maybe as part of an escalation tournament you could go for it as the last game.

Honestly - I would wait and see the new points and army costs. My army went from roughly 1600-1700 to 2100 using new rules. Instead of allies (Varangur with Nature) it became one list, until everyone is familiar with new coatings you may find events just increase naturally anyway, or indeed go down in points.

Super do not want to go above 2250, tho I suspect the US will move to 2500, which was the last year or so of WHFB events. Coincidentally it was also the size of the first KOW tournament I played in, which happened in the ashes of the Olde Worlde (and was probably so large because that’s what people had been playing and KOW is just WHFB right??)

You know what’s a nice tight size? 2000 :wink: Still really enjoy theorycrafting KOW to this level, have to make tough calls that you don’t beyond 2250, which IMO is better for army comp.


A lot will become apparent once the book is out. People will then see what their existing armies are now worth.

We haven’t seen the points of any of the really elite stuff (characters/monsters) yet - and a few we have seen so better units having been toned down with a price drop (succubi/lurkers for example).

According to the KoW Worldwide podcast that had the Mantic US sales rep on, he mentioned his 2e 2250 army got a couple more units in 3e. So it looks like points went down, or maybe because you can add some sort of unit champion you get more points because you do not have to buy that hero separately now.

I organized lots of tournaments in the lasts years here in Argentina. Still need to convince people than 2 day tournaments are possible. We usually run 4 games tourneys up to 2250 points. But I admit is a bit of a race against time. But I think a 2 days - 3000 pts tournament is more than feasible, just need to take into account the size of the armies owned by the players who could assist to it.

I know you pretended to talk specifically of big armies, but generally talking about different styles of tournaments, I ran some fun ones you can be interest in:

  • Lightning Tournament: Each game is played with less time in the clock. We played around 1200 pts with times from 30 to 15 min for player.

  • Slaughter Tournament: After each game, each player must choose an eliminated unit (non Hero nor Machine) and it can’t be used during the rest of the tournament (if none was eliminated, he can choose any unit). I found this to work well for small games (we played at 1300 pts) as then the players need to build their lists thinking what units they can dispense with.

  • Interchange Tournament: Maybe a format for more local events, where people know each other. 4 games tournament, 1st and 3rd games the players play each with the opponent army, 2nd and 4th games play with their own. So, you want to go with a good list, but you’ll need to fight against it twice.

  • Close Lists Tournament: Each player can use as many lists as games are played, but they must be numbered to be used in the corresponding game (so no choose according the opponent). The units are declared during deploy so the players don’t know the enemy full list until deployment ends. Artifacts and spells are keep in secret until they are used.

When you organize a tournament per month, you need to keep things interesting. :smiley: Of course, these are absolutely not for very competitive events. I like to mix competitive and friendly/fun tournaments.


I think we will stick to 2000 points for our 1-day events here. This size (with 2h per game) is really fitting for both casual and competitive players and 3 games over the day make up for a quiete relaxed and fun atmosphere. So, if things doesn’t change extremly with 3rd, I can’t see a need for a change in the format.

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Hello! Thanks for your post and your events sound excellent! I have run 1 day events for over a decade now and want to run a 2 day event. I tend to write very specific tournament rules (often I have to catch up with the clash of kings updates). For the 3k event the biggest issue will be set up space. 2500 points is pretty much the limit on a 6x4 table, so to overcome this I am planning something a little different. Will post up more once I have got a copy of the 3rd Ed rules.

honestly, i’d rather see official tournaments in smaller point values. 600 to 1000 or so. these tournaments should be focused at newer players, with the smaller points values allowing players new to the game to participate more easily, as well as letting players get more games in during a day’s play. ideally, the tourney’s should be geared to be less aggressively competitive, with more leeway for less optimized army builds. put less emphasis on “i must win” and more on having fun and learning.

we have a number of high points value, high competition tourneys already. we shouldn’t let those dominate the game’s fandom, and right now those do dominate the official events for the game. which can be intimidating for new players. this is some of the same issues that Warhammer had, and since many of the tourney’s we have grew out of the old warhammer days, i think Kings of War needs to try and address that flaw by adding official tourney type events that are more new player friendly. smaller points values and less competitive scoring, at least.
Counter Charge tackled the issue of prize support and tourney rewards in a recent podcast, and many of the ideas they have could be applied to create a system that encourages new players to join the game, and experienced players to encourage the new players.

You make some really great points regarding getting newer players involved. A lot of folk also have similar concerns about how competitive events can put off new players. What generally has been found is that by having soft scores (hobby/sportsmanship etc) and good self-regulation (both this forum and the fanatics pages’ admin are not Mantic employees) we has sustained good growth in both events and new players. I do agree that more smaller events would be great hut I am less convinced that just because an event is high points value it is less so and more competitive.

Great discussion! I’m of the same mind as a few others in this thread that there’s room for a non competitive event in the KOW community. So I hope to run a 2 day narrative event with linked battles and asymmetric play sometime in 2020. To get there I’m using our new local slow grow league to build up to a 1 day Narrative event in November. I’m hoping to playtest our rules and gather player feedback to make the 2 day event even better. I think we’re at a great spot with KOW where we have an opportunity branch out and attract all kinds of gamers, not just Torunamenr goers.

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