New to KoW, starting this month

…as it is my birthday month :smiley:
Especially waiting for the big rulebook <3 . I am also getting 3 boxes of Perry Miniatures from the 1450-1500 sets - a late burgundian themed army is in my mind ever since I started with tabletop in 2008 (with GW like the majority of the ppl I guess :wink: ) but somehow, as I stopped playing any GW game quite soon after and turned to skirmish games alone, this idea went asleep.
Now I feel the same excitement as I felt back then when I started the hobby.
Can’t wait to work on the multibasing, this is gonna be a.m.a.z.i.n.g !! :smiley:
I am not interested in competetiv gaming, as my (new :slight_smile: ) husband is all new to the hobby and I am happy if he ever picks up a brush, he is not that easy to motivate, but he is slowly building up an Undead army. Maybe someday he will be as easily thrilled as myself :stuck_out_tongue: (well, I seriously doubt that, but hope never dies :smiley: ) …
When it comes to list building and stuff I think I’ll ask a thousand questions…about my kingdom of men - especially how to go on after I built up all my little guys.
Speaking of guys - I still have my big guys - WHFB Ogres - and I am thinking about multibasing them as well for KoW - I wanted to use them for Saga AoM, but I already have two other armies for Saga, so… sadly I sold most of my other GW stuff years ago… :frowning:
My main tabletop system is Freebooters Fate ever since it came out in 2010 (it is a German skirmish system, but it is also available with English rules) .
(Yeah, I am from Germany, so please excuse my English :wink: )
I was really happy when I found this forum yesterday, cause I just recently deleted all my social media accounts, as well as I dumped my smartphone. Forums are so very 90s - I love it!
Well, ahm… just wanted to say “hi” :slight_smile:
Palindra (what a nickname this is :smiley: )


Welcome both to KOW and to the forum. :clap:


Welcome welcome, sounds like a good army


Herzlich Willkommen!
Multibase everything! It’s amazing!

So am I and a few others. Nothing wrong with your English, I’d say.:wink:


You certainly won’t regret it.

Those Perry miniatures are great and make a brilliant looking kingdoms of men force


Yeah, the Perry range of stuff is great and a really solid way of starting a KoM army.

As you also have some ogres, check out the Brothermark list as well - if you have similar basing you can use some of those as Ogre Palace Guard :wink:

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Welcome! Multibased ogres are sure to look great so I say go for it.


Thank you all for your kind welcome!
Today the rulebook is going to arrive here! *yayyy :smiley:
The Perry miniatures are still on their way, Brexit and such (sad times for wargaming, eh), but great to know I can use some of my Ogres for the KoM as well!
I mean - it’s not that I am not already thinking about Halflings and Northern Alliance (I built up a box of them for Saga and they are sooo good!).
Or a dwarven army (if there will be new KoW dwarves some day!!!)…or my old love for green skins… or some demons… :smiley:
Good for me that my husband is always holding me back :stuck_out_tongue: , keeps the unpainted model count down - but this time next year there will be a new army project on the horizon! :smiley:


Welcome aboard! I just started this year too, so I can confirm that coming here was a great idea :+1:


So, me again… :smiley:
As I was reading through the forum tonight (sleepless in Germany most of the nights, insomnia and such…) I came across some topics regarding (rather heated) discussions about Mantic miniatures vs other companies and I started feeling bad for buying the 3 Perry boxes. :see_no_evil:
I had my experiences with early mantic models (the ones in the plastic video boxes) which were not great, but after seeing the undead army my husband got and also the one box of the Northern Alliances I bought for Saga and now the new Halflings and Goblins… yeah… I feel bad now for running after my dream of an burgundian themed KoM army.
I totally get that the release politics of Mantic and the support tries to push ppl towards their own range.
Now I wonder how I might be able to have both - some burgundian guys AND supporting Mantic by implementing them into a main Mantic army list, when I need more models, cause the three Perry boxes are just a start.
It could be the Basileans (but I really can’t stand the winged miniatures and I guess the lore isn’t really my thing either ( I mean, I love so many things concerning miniature wargaming, as long as there are no Elves, angels of any kind, unicorns or female based armies involved …)).
So - how would burgundian style painted late 15th centurie cloth wearing guys fit into the Northern Alliance? They would freeze to death… :stuck_out_tongue: Plus - I can’t buy an army box of them cause I really don’t like the Elementals and/or the Snowtrolls. Decisions, decisions… OK, this is only a monetary thing, cause there are beautiful single boxes of them out there. I am not into competitive gaming, if NA is crap without Elementals and Trolls, I am OK with that! Greenstuffing cloaks for the burgundians… :thinking:

Rambling around - sorry for that! Maybe someone understands my dilemma… :wink:


[quote=“Palindra, post:10, topic:3190”] (…)
Now I wonder how I might be able to have both - some burgundian guys AND supporting Mantic by implementing them into a main Mantic army list, when I need more models, cause the three Perry boxes are just a start. (…)

First of all, welcome to the forum and the hobby!

Then, secondly, regarding your comment: don’t worry. KoW is designed (emphasis on designed. By the makers.) to be able to field miniatures from all kinds of manufacturers. My army contains both Mantics and Perry miniatures, a lot of old GW stuff and plenty other stuff. Just combine them to your heart’s content!

Your hubby is fortunate as his undead can be fielded as two armies in one. With a few new units, undead can feature both as Empire of Dust AND regular undead. I know, I do all the time.

Then again, your humans can do this same trick. You can play as Kingdoms of men (my now-favourite army), League of Rhordia, Brothermark and basilea. These guys can be the starter of several semi-human factions as well, such as Northern Alliance (and their evil counterparts, the Varangur) and the order of the green lady.

I love the versitality of the human forces, see here for more info. (mind, this blog post was writen for the 2nd edition of KoW, but most holds on now too).

For your final question: Your perries would do well in Northern Alliance, just make sure they use the same colour scheme. For semi-competetive gaming, I’d leave the snow trolls at home, though. They kinda suck.

IF you want to go NA (i’d stick to Kingdoms of men, if I were you), focus on clansmen, and either the large cavalry + huscarls + beserkers +snow fox chaff OR go ice elemental + queens for surge shenigans.

Did I mention, I love Kingdoms of Men this edition? I used them at a tournament last sunday, which I have still to write a blog post about. (spoiler, I didn’t do too well). Last time, I did a lot better with this army list.


I wouldn’t feel bad. More players is good for the game (and by extension Mantic) even if some players never buy Mantic products.

“Your hobby, your way” is the slogan and a selling point, if you take them up on it then you shouldn’t feel bad.

I recommend doing your Burgundian army as you envisioned it (or as close as you can get it).
Trying to make things fit to also do something else (i.e. make an army to support Mantic) will likely lessen both.

If it were me; I would rather treat making a Mantic army as it’s own project, after the current one.
Full ass one thing instead of half-assing two things, so to speak.

For example; I have nightstalkers that happen to be mostly Mantic, but with all sorts of other minis too.
I then have a separate 100% Mantic dwarf army.


Yeah, this ^

I’ve got mantic stuff in some of my armies, but quite a lot of them are KoM based and the basilean range whole better than it was, isn’t anywhere near as extensive as various historical stuff.


Thanks again for your replies! I am still reading the lore in the rulebook!
Not all done yet, but I can def. say until now - in no way I am gonna go for the Basileans! :smiley: NO way!!!

Maybe I will keep the KoM small and start a new army soonish! Also there will be the re-basing of my Ogres! Speaking of which - how can the “Mammoth” (GW) fit on a 50-100 base?? Uhhh!

I remember when I started WHFB back in the days I wanted to have (almost) all of the armies at least 500 points strong (well, then AoS came… :pleading_face: :roll_eyes: :exploding_head: ) - maybe this time! (well, no Basileans, no Elves!)


Hi Palindra,

Go ahead, it’s your hobby! There’s no bad way, so keep on building and playing!

That said, for gaming purposes, I’d start with at least one army of 1,500 points. Battles of less than 1,500 points tend to be very quick and one-sided. Tournaments go between 1,995 and 2,300 points, so these kinds of battles are what the game is balanced for.

I’d say that Kings of War scales quite well down to 1,500 and up to 3,000 or 3,500. Battles below 1,500 points are well for learning the game, but they don’t offer the same tactical accumen as larger battles. Battles larger than 3,500 points are definately possible (and fun!) but they require different expectations. Hoodling’s hole does these things and his general consensus is that battles of these sizes need additional deployment rules to prevent two rigid lines of battle facing each other without any tactical accumen.

There’s nothing wrong with building either the ogres or the KoM up to 1,500 points (they can ally with each other, so 1,200 points of ogres can ally 300 points of men and vice versa). Good luck!


Monsters and Tians have the exceptional base size rule - so you can put them on a larger base if required.

Alternatively, you could use it as a ‘count as’ for a larger unit - chariot units for example. I’ve used the gw mumakh as a chariot legion as only thing with big enough footprint


The Ogres are at about 2500 points blanc atm - I am thinking about getting some Mantic Ogre Hunters later, as they look kinda different and the hunter role is OK with a more skinny look. :slight_smile:

But… I am so weak - I just ordered the small Northern Alliance army :see_no_evil:
I love their style :heart_eyes: - and I think I might use the Perry miniatures as Naiads.

hehehe, that’s the general gamer’s weakness… :wink: As a “veteran” of almost 20 years, I still need a few checks and balances to prevent impulse-buying miniatures!

It’s fairly effective in the sense that I currently sit at around room for zero new miniatures and I need to keep track of it all the time to prevent overcrowding the pile.


@Vince I also have learned over the years :smiley: and my pile of opportunities was very small (before I started to look into KoW :see_no_evil: :rofl: :star_struck: ) with about 20 miiniatures.
Now it feels like it felt the time I started with WHFB in 2007 - mass battle games are truly something different! :point_up:t3:
When this shipment arrives I am done until next December with buying miniatures!!! :warning: I am planning on being ready for the next army in one year. Well - that’s the plan :wink: