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Can anyone tell me should I build troop size units or regimental size units to start playing ambush size games. I have the twilight kin half of the Rage box set.


You can build troops and then put 2 troops on a tray to make a regiment.

So you can always have the option to field either Troops or Regiments depending on what you want to play/change after your first few games.


For me, there are some units that work best in either a or a Regiment or even a horde/legion. These units either don’t give much for the points you’d invest in to upgrade or visa versa. It’s Mantics way of saying, these should be small elite units as they’d be overkill if uograded too much. so, doubling up to make a regiment might cost twice the points but only gets an additional 5 more attacks to make it 15, or it goes from 11/13 to 13/15 nerve check. A bit better but at 120 points is it worth it? You’ll see other units such as NA Hman Tribesmen for example that upgrading to Regiment costs 150 points rather than 100 points for the troop, which for what you get isn’t great. but going to Horde at 250 points really gets you benefits. Therefore, in general terms, I make units in troop sizes to give flexability both in KoW, but also to use units in other games if possible too, but some units i know that i will only ever use as horde or such, or only use as troop, in which case, i bite the bullet and decide before i start to plan how i want to create a suitable diarama base perhaps.

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Thank you


No problem and welcome to the forums! :grin: