New Vanguard Warband updates

Hi All,

I knwo some people on here have the inside scoop on the next big things to be released (or at least a decent guess). There have been a load of cool things released in 2021 that would be great in Vanguard, but the warbands haven’t yet been updated for them. Any idea when that might happen? What cool things I hear you ask? In particular but certainly not an exhuasitive lsit:

  • Air elementals (forces of nature?)
  • Salamanders (loads of new units and things)
  • Halflings (beyond the basic league of Rhodiria units
  • Maw pups (I was told that they would be added to the Goblin list and be similar to the mutated mastiff)

Also, for models, are we going to get an elf and/or orc warband set or similar? I know one can do those with other companies sets but they seem like a fairly easy thing to do from current models and are very much the go to for many fantasy gamers.

The big thing on these is that I don’t think there is a huge amount of effort required to do this (compared to a whole new model line). I’m well aware that Vanguard isn’t the big hitter that KoW is, but it would be nice to have support from Mantic continue. A few more mercenaries could be cool too :wink:


I am hoping for something for the Salamanders to go alongside all the new stuff they got.


Well the League of Infamy Kickstarter promised Vanguard units for the villains in that, and that’s about all I’m probably allowed to say.

Well, I can say that we don’t tend to add new units to existing Warband lists unless/until we do a complete full Warband revision. There is an official volunteer rules committee (hi! I’m part of that), we do work on new rules/Warbands for the releases, but the production schedule of actually packaging up models for sale and releasing publications with those rules in it is Mantic proper, and we have no control over that. Our development does tend to follow along with big brother KoW’s releases though, if that’s a useful hint. :grin:


I only know that Salamander will get an update in autumn and Halflings may follow


With the warbands being an online pdf now it would seem easier to add small things in (such as mawpups or adjusting the troll special rule around breakaways). Models etc. I see how it could be harder, and I appreciate that something like the air elemental would require some play testing to balance well.

I feel league fo infamy might make a good addition around Xmas time - most of an elf army and the characters can be used in vanguard, as well as an awesome game

Salamanders cards released as digital only (and free!) Salamander Warband now available to download - Mantic Games


Also, all the league of infamy mercs added too!

I think it’s great that they have released this update and also great that they have explained why the Vanguard specific models are not out yet. That’s good customer engagement right there - keep communication open and honest and people are much less annoyed by delays or other such things!

I’m hopeful for the halflings soon and it would still be great to get the minor tweaks such as mawpups and air elementals added in :slight_smile:

The dungeon saga characters as mercs would also awesome too!

All in all I’m pretty happy they have done this and I hope it portends regular updates continuing