Newbie Dice Page's "A Call to Arms 4" tournament games

Hi all here’s a playlist of my Call to Arms Season 4’s games, hope you guys like it. 6 games played in total. One of the games was live streamed.

A Call to Arms is a worldwide Universal Battle tournament organized by Adam Padley from UK, and this season with help from Dan Miner, Tom Annis, and featuring lots of live streams of games headed by Mike Adkins of Dash28.

There are stats breakdown from Elliot Morrish as well.

It is 6 games, with each game to be played within a 2 week period, where you arrange a universal battle game with your opponent. So this tournament ran for 12 weeks, quite a long time. this season also started at the peak of covid-19 and lockdowns worldwide, which contributed to an explosive spike in players - 146 players took part with 137 players crossing the finish line, completing their 6 games after 12 weeks.

I would highly recommend taking part in the next season as it is a reasonable commitment of playing 1 game every 2 weeks and you get to play with players worldwide!